Animated Games Junkies– How To Tell That You Are One

Hobbies are addictive but being a gaming junkie goes more than that. The extreme addiction of animated games starts small and grows as one engages more with them. Researchers report that video game junkies spend more time on their screens than on anything else per day. So, wondering which are the most famous game junkie tournaments? Ask these geeks, and you will get an answer immediately. Below is how to know that you are one.

How to tell that you are a gaming junkie

Owning all gaming accessories

fghgfhfghgfhfggfhDo not wonder what is so unique with this. However, owning a complete set of gaming accessories has its level of uniqueness. Such accessories the gaming junkies love include gaming PCs, pads, gaming chair, gaming desk and much more. Ordinary people may have such devices but when everything is customized to gaming, then one ought to know that there is an addiction.

If what hurts more is to lose your gaming accessories

People may lose various items in life including money, but if one thing seems to hurt you most, then there must be a ‘strings attached’ connection. Most gaming addict gets really hurt by a mere loss of a part of their gaming set not because it costs money, but because it will inconvenience them for the time being. Some may have extra control pads and other accessories.

When sleepovers mean little or no sleep

Most of the times people plan for sleepovers at their friend’s house. While it is ok to catch up until late, sparing no time to sleep in favor of gaming tournament means you are a junkie. Most parents have had to take a stern stand when their children friends come for a sleep over that one can mistake for a night house party. So, if such events mean no sleep to you and your friends, then there is an addiction.

If you cannot remember the last holiday you took

fdgfdgdfgdfgdfgdfgHolidays are meant for relaxation, and one has to forget about the normal life for a while. Gaming junkies will rarely agree to this concept of having to go anywhere away from their gaming chairs and screens. If you find yourself not creating time for a holiday or even simple outs with family and friends, then you are in this category.


Gaming junkies mostly forget everything about normal life and concentrate on grabbing victory on one tournament after the other. The animated games addiction is hard to control and usually secludes people from social life completely.