Animated Games Junkies– How To Tell That You Are One

Hobbies are addictive but being a gaming junkie goes more than that. The extreme addiction of animated games starts small and grows as one engages more with them. Researchers report that video game junkies spend more time on their screens than on anything else per day. So, wondering which are the most famous game junkie tournaments? Ask these geeks, and you will get an answer immediately. Below is how to know that you are one.

How to tell that you are a gaming junkie

Owning all gaming accessories

fghgfhfghgfhfggfhDo not wonder what is so unique with this. However, owning a complete set of gaming accessories has its level of uniqueness. Such accessories the gaming junkies love include gaming PCs, pads, gaming chair, gaming desk and much more. Ordinary people may have such devices but when everything is customized to gaming, then one ought to know that there is an addiction.

If what hurts more is to lose your gaming accessories

People may lose various items in life including money, but if one thing seems to hurt you most, then there must be a ‘strings attached’ connection. Most gaming addict gets really hurt by a mere loss of a part of their gaming set not because it costs money, but because it will inconvenience them for the time being. Some may have extra control pads and other accessories.

When sleepovers mean little or no sleep

Most of the times people plan for sleepovers at their friend’s house. While it is ok to catch up until late, sparing no time to sleep in favor of gaming tournament means you are a junkie. Most parents have had to take a stern stand when their children friends come for a sleep over that one can mistake for a night house party. So, if such events mean no sleep to you and your friends, then there is an addiction.

If you cannot remember the last holiday you took

fdgfdgdfgdfgdfgdfgHolidays are meant for relaxation, and one has to forget about the normal life for a while. Gaming junkies will rarely agree to this concept of having to go anywhere away from their gaming chairs and screens. If you find yourself not creating time for a holiday or even simple outs with family and friends, then you are in this category.


Gaming junkies mostly forget everything about normal life and concentrate on grabbing victory on one tournament after the other. The animated games addiction is hard to control and usually secludes people from social life completely.

Animation Studios

Watch an animated film on the big screen today, and it’s kind of hard to distinguish the on-screen animation from the real thing thanks to the talents of Animation Studios. The advances in 2D and 3D technology enable an Animation Company to create impressive features that can be used for TV and film and the results are amazing. Long gone are the days when it was obvious you were watching an animation, today with CGI available Animation Studios have the ability to create ultra-realistic features but that’s just scratching the surface of their talents. The skills of Animation Studios are used for a variety of diverse projects, and TV and film projects are just some of the schemes they are happy to undertake.

So how else are the skills of Animation Studios put to the test throughout the year?

Use an Animation Company for marketing purposes

Want to get your business noticed in a highly competitive market sector? Why not use the services of Animation Studios to help you create a powerful presence? The skills of Animation Studios could be used as part of an advertising campaign; you could re-brand or re-launch your business using animation for brand building purposes. Make people aware of who you are and what you do with colorful and captivating designs created by highly experienced Animation Studios. You can be as creative and as quirky as you like using animation for corporate presentations, leaflets or marketing materials and the journey begins at first rate Animation Studios.

Give your website a boost working with an Animation Company

Another way to use the skills of professional Animation Studios is by asking them to improve the look of your website. It might be duller than a dull thing at the moment but add stunning visuals to it courtesy of Animation Studios, and it’ll give you a captive audience. Animation Studios are vastly experienced at providing colorful creations for websites; they can enliven email campaigns and online commercials with their colorful, playful creations. Whether you want to create new characters to help market your business or simply update the look of a dated website uses the talents of Animation Studios for the best possible results.

The requirement of animation varies from campaign to campaign and company to company

Before you proceed with your marketing campaign via animation, be sure to find out what solution best suits you i.e. television advert, short animation film, animated banner, or animated presentation. 3D animation studios providing animation services, on the other hand, specialize in one or several solutions. For instance, some studios thrive in providing animation services for architecture, some in film production while others in other industrial sectors and so on. Choose a studio that can cater best for your needs. Although, before choosing any studio, be sure that they have a good portfolio, along with relevant experience

Pricing is the final aspect that needs due consideration

Be it in UK or US or elsewhere, animation studios differs in the period in their pricing shape. Considering the pleasant and the finances you’re ready to spare, pick a studio accordingly.

Japanese Animations

Are you currently planning a stay in the wonderful country of Japan? Perhaps you are studying Japanese culture for a class in school or are possibly just enthralled by the wonderful world of modern Japanese pop culture. In any case, there is one aspect of Japanese pop culture, in particular, that is popular throughout the world. Is it the style of Japanese animation popularly known as anime? If you haven’t already fallen in love with Anime, you likely just haven’t seen a good title yet. Today, there is likely an Anime series for just about anyone as it is certainly not only for children to enjoy.

Japanese styles

While Anime is popular in Japan, its popularity abroad sometimes appears even stronger. There are very few Anime programs airing daily on regular television in Japan, in comparison to the abundance of titles airing daily in some western cities. Lately, it also seems like more and more classic Japanese animation titles are being made into blockbuster Hollywood movies. The futuristic “Speed Racer” and the classic Japanese favorite “Astro Boy” are a couple of the highlights recently gracing silver screens around the world. Not to mention the highly successful “Transformers” movie franchise, based on a Japanese import from the 1980’s. This and many other Anime titles have been popular in countries beyond Japan from the 70’s through today. Many parents in western society today grew up enjoying such classic Japanese animation as “Robotech” and “Voltron.” From the more modern and cuddly Pokemon to the cinematic cyberpunk of “Akira” the range is amazing, and its influence on modern western media and younger generations across the world is increasingly evident. Not only have Western animation companies adopted Japanese styles over the last decade or more, even pop culture and fashion itself have adopted some of the aesthetics of Japanese animation.


Historically the phenomenon known as Anime had its humble beginnings around 1917 with the oldest known anime first being screened in Japan. It was, poignantly enough, an animation of a Samurai testing a new sword. The first Anime with audible speech was produced in 1933 and again presented much more of an adult theme than its western counterparts. Japanese animation, influenced by Walt Disney and other early pioneers, was like a new pen in the creative arsenal of Japan. This particular pen would ultimately prove mightier than the sword at influencing the world abroad. There are many wonderful characters in this animation, and l believe you must know the following several main characters: Inuyasha, Kagome Higurashi, Miroku and so on. Which one is your favorite? Inuyasha is the one I love greatly! Today I plan to share some information of this main character and give you some small co


The archetypal style of Japanese animation being refined from the 1940’s through the 1970’s was largely based on a desire to produce Disney level product on a tighter budget. This style, pioneered primarily by the legendary artist and animator known as Osamu Tezuka and his team, is occasionally criticized as overly simple animation since it often involves most of the frame remaining still while a character’s mouth would speak. Regardless, it was a breakthrough that allowed the animators to produce at the budget they had available. Although it was invented out of necessity, it later became a desirable aesthetic style of animation which is popular around the world today.